We are eternally grateful to Anthea at Sleeping Babies Australia for all her support, information and guidance – it literally did change our lives! We sort Anthea's help when our daughter Jade was almost 7 months old. We were waking almost every hour overnight, re-settling her numerous times and were very sleep deprived. Furthermore she would never sleep for more than 40 minutes during the day. At the outset we were sceptical and hesitant. From the initial phone-call Anthea was very giving of her time, listened to our concerns and displayed a memorable confidence. We felt comfortable in her presence, enjoyed her relaxed humour and were immediately reassured. From one overnight stay, after putting up a good fight, Jade slept 6 hours straight. From the second night onwards Jade has slept through the night (7pm – 7am) plus her day sleeps have doubled. Jade is now in a much more predictable routine which gives both Jade and us security and confidence. We are grateful that we took a difficult but proactive step to improve our situation, and now Jade and our wellbeing has been significantly enhanced. We never imagined such an immediate benefit from just one overnight stay and are so appreciative of Anthea's
advice and support when needed. Anthea did what we couldn't do and gave us the confidence to see it through – we will always remember the help she provided to us and the difference she has made to our lives.

Gianni and Donna
Box Hill South


Our daughter was a very poor sleeper from infancy, taking hours to settle and waking constantly through the night. We tried everything to help her settle including three stays at sleep schools, several sleep consultants visiting our home, settling classes, co-sleeping, reflux medicines and restricted diets, osteopath, controlled crying, you name
it. When Anthea came to stay with us our daughter was 12 months old and I was feeding her back to sleep every hour of the night. Needless to say my husband and I were beside ourselves with exhaustion.
Anthea was extremely professional and very caring, she got along well with our daughter and we immediately felt at ease with her. She talked us through her settling techniques and enabled us to catch up on sleep while she settled and resettled the baby throughout the night, for three nights. At the end of this time, our daughter's sleep was dramatically improved and our lives improved immeasurably. For months afterwards, barely a day went by when I didn't remark to my husband "Thank God we booked Anthea" as we reflected on how terribly difficult that that year without sleep had been. I thoroughly recommend Anthea to any parent struggling with sleep issues. It is such a joy to see your baby calmly drift off to sleep in her cot, and to wake in the morning with both parent and child feeling refreshed and happy about starting the day.

Ruth and Rohan


I cannot recommend this service enough!! The change in our daughter has been amazing. We called Anthea when our daughter Lily was 10 months old, and my husband and I were exhausted from so many sleepless nights. Lily would only be nursed to sleep and was waking numerous times during the night wanting to be held. Some nights I was up with her for hours. Anthea stayed overnight and after some initial resistance, Lily slept all night and has done so every night since! She is now sleeping 12 hours a night and has two, 2 hour sleeps during the day (she is 12 months old now). She is so much happier in herself when she is awake and is happy to go to sleep in her cot without any tears. We did not expect such a huge change to come from one consultation, but to our delight it has changed our lives!! Anthea was professional, caring and supportive, and with 3 children of her own, she really understands what parents are going through. I also loved that we didn’t have to leave home and take Lily out of her own environment. I cannot speak more highly of our experience, and I cannot thank Anthea enough!!!

Kirstin Clarke
Geelong, VIC.


We wish to express our gratitude to Anthea at Sleeping Babies Australia.
Prior to contacting Anthea, the sleeping patterns of our five month old boy were completely unpredictable.
From the first telephone call Anthea provided us with some hope that the situation could improve and we subsequently booked her in.
At our initial meeting, Anthea displayed an infectious confidence that our little boy would significantly improve during her time with us. This was supported through various literature and discussion which immediately provided us with a great education as to what was required.
We approached the first evening somewhat humorously given that we hadn’t been able to extend his sleep beyond a four hour session up to now.
Anthea’s confidence was justified that first evening - straight through with a feed in between whilst he was still in bed. The next and subsequent evenings have achieved the same result whilst daytime sleeps have almost doubled.
We would recommend Anthea to anyone in our situation and thank her for the positive influence she has had in our lives.

Tina & Con Georgiou


I enlisted Anthea's help after an overseas holiday that was disastrous for my 10 month old daughter Maxine's sleep habits. I had to breast feed her to sleep, and if that didn't work I would rock her, pat her and lie with her until she would finally drop off. I was also getting up every 2.5 to 3 hours to resettle her with a breastfeed and was utterly exhausted and desperate.
All it took was one night of sleep training with Anthea. I no longer breastfeed, rock or pat Maxine to sleep and she has slept through the night, every night, since. Anthea has also given me a routine to follow with Maxine, which has been hugely helpful. She has been very supportive since the overnight stay and is always available when advice is needed.
I highly recommend working with Anthea. I never imagined that Maxine would go down for sleeps without a battle (she actually smiles when I put her in the cot) and sleep though the night, but thanks to Anthea, Maxine and I are both happier people!



Being a second time mother I thought my beautiful new little boy would come home and slot easily into a new household just as his older sister did. 
Imagine then my shock and horror that by week 3 my newborn could still easily manage to go 8- 9 hrs hours straight without sleeping, and working himself into a total emotional mess, and me along with him! After 3 weeks of not having more than 1 full hours sleep, I knew I needed some help, no rocking, feeding to sleep, or traditional "tricks" were working, and I was fried! I knew hospital clinics were great - but I didn't have time to be on a waitlist, so I found Anthea's ad, saw her smiling face, and knew she was right for me. Anthea taught me techniques that I hadn't had to use with my daughter - that were right for my son. By the time she left, after only 3 days - my son was almost sleeping through. Not only did I get some much needed sleep so I could emerge a better mum, I learnt all souls really are different and need different guidance, and some times you alone simply don't have the answer. Anthea is very special to our family - her presence is calm and patient, and there is no one I would trust more with my kids!!! 

Cristy Savory
North Caulfield


Our daughter was 10 months old when we experienced sleep school for the first time, so we expected our previous learning would help when our son began displaying poor sleeping habits by 7 months.  However, consecutive nights of frequent waking, sometimes every 15 minutes from 2am, had left me feeling extremely tired, lacking confidence and at times overwhelmed.  He was younger and his needs were different.  Sleep deprivation was affecting our entire family's day-to-day functioning so again I investigated sleep school, however the 10 week waiting period was not an option.  Finding Anthea through a recommendation enabled us to take action quickly and effectively.  Anthea's initial phone consultation was thorough and provided useful direction prior to her arrival.  Just one overnight stay and Anthea had taught our son to settle himself to sleep, without his dummy, plus my husband and I were armed with more effective settling practices tailored to his individual needs.  Our son also had the benefit of adapting to these new settling techniques within his own cot, rather than learning in hospital and having to adapt again once home.  We now have a baby who sleeps through the night most nights, yet upon waking, settles himself quickly.  He also has an improved daytime routine which helps with his night time sleeping habits.  Our whole family thanks you Anthea!

Antoinette and David Murray
Hampton, Vic


We called Anthea out of sheer desperation. Prior to the visit I was anxious and didn't know whether an overnight stay was the right thing for our family. The moment Anthea stepped into our home we felt immediately comfortable. She was calm, reassuring and full of so much knowledge! We had the full gamete of problems - our 5 month old was catnapping during the day, frequent waking at night, we were using a dummy and a wrap and we also had some
breastfeeding issues due to my exhaustion and stress. The first night was hard, as were the first couple of days but Anthea continued to help us with excellent follow up care. She helped me stay strong and stick to the plan. Two weeks on and our nights are fantastic. Our days are so much better and even though things aren't perfect yet, we now have the energy to keep going, armed with Anthea's knowledge and with a positive attitude. My husband and I feel as though our life has changed since Anthea's visit. We are cooking again. We are laughing. We are going on lots of family outings. We feel like our new family is finally starting to feel settled. Most importantly we feel our bub is so much happier. We cannot recommend Anthea highly enough. Thank you for getting us through this tough time!

Fiona, Keegan and Lottie

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